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Servus, we're Active Fungus!

Video games as experience

Active Fungus develops computer games as experiences that entertain as well as immerse our players deeply in the subject matter and provide food for thought. Through computer games, we enable players to take on different perspectives and encourage them to experience and understand conflicts and problems from different angles.

We do not only want to entertain with our computer games, but also to draw attention to social issues. The focus is on historical events whose effects can still be felt today. With the alpha release of “Totgeschwiegen” we drew attention to ourselves for the first time in September 2021 – and with success: Several Twitch streamers played our game on release day, and others followed, including well-known names in the German scene such as Gronkh and Simon Krätschmer.

Real life environment design

Parallel to game production, we are discussing the question of what kind of organization we want to work in. Our thoughts go in the direction of collective, sociocracy, transparency and participation – and our work structures already reflect this quite clearly. We have three full-time positions, which are now paid thanks to grants and game sales. In addition, there are about ten to 15 unpaid contributors in our core team who support us both operationally and strategically.

Our team structure

On the operational level, there is a classic division into management and team leads. The strategic level is divided into three democratic bodies:

The Members’ Board

Consists of all employees and other contributors who wish to make a regular contribution to organizational development. It elects the Executive Board and Salary Council from its members.

The Executive Board

Consists of the Managing Director and two other persons who are elected annually. It makes strategic decisions for the whole company.

The Salary Council

Consists of three persons who are elected annually. It is responsible for all forms of performance appraisal.

What defines our core

Our worlds are our passion

We create worlds that are deep and rich in story, experiences and challenges for the players and for ourselves. We choose projects we are passionate about and that we can put our whole selves into.

Sustainable drive

We constantly challenge ourselves to achieve outstanding results. We care for each other and make sure no one is overwhelmed by the work and the projects.

Fail fast, build to last

Failures are part of development, and we appreciate them for the learning opportunities they create. We follow an agile mindset with the aim of building reliable system that we keep improving on.

Participation encouraged

Participation and inclusion of the team, partners and players in our decisions are welcome and encouraged. As a team we encourage ourselves to contribute ideas, feedback and improvements and participate in the decision making process.                                             


Jakob Braun

Geschäftsführer, Producer

Lars Brockob

Game Design, Storywriting

Sebastian Theuerkorn

Technical Director

Marvin J Seymour

Sound Design, Komposition, Animation

Emil Richters

Game Dev, UI

Rebecca Brockob

Finanzen, Management

Angelo Fric

AI, Game Design

Hanna Metelmann


Nils Schwarz

Game Design, Projektmanagement

Sarah Roth

Gameplay Design

Tristan Blaukat

Tech-Art, 3D

Yasmin Ottenheimer

Tech-Art, 3D

Christian Kuchta


Dominik Teichert


Julia Bencker

Audio, Komposition


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