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Everything audio for your video game

Game Soundtracks

Need music for your game? We got you covered. We are a team of 7 composers from all kinds of musical backgrounds, from Classical over Electronica to Metal. Talk to us!

Sound Design

An immersive gaming experience often comes down to all those little bleeps and tomes that make your world sound right. If you like what you can hear in our games - we are one message away.

Voice Recording

With multiple studio locations all across Germany, we can record your voice actors wherever, whenever you need it. You want to be part of it but can't be there? Our remote recording lets you take part in the creative process from anywhere in the world.

Mixing and Mastering

You already have your music and/or synchronisation and now you want it to sound great? With our experienced team of mixing engineesrs, your audio production is in competent hands.


Sound Design

Did you know we’re actually musicians?

Active Fungus Studios was originally founded not by game designers but musicians, producers and audio engineers. When the pandemic hit, we found ourselves not only without work (or a hobby) but also with plenty of time we could pour into creating our first game, Inspector Schmidt – A Bavarian Tale. Now we offer our “secret core competence” to other game studios.

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Julia Bencker

Jakob Braun

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