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Inspector Schmidt - The Ebbing

The coastal town of Havstedt turns from a beautiful and relaxing holiday destination into a battle for Valentins’ own innocence within a few hours. Who is the murderer, where do the mysterious lights on the sea come from, and what causes the peculiar signals coming through the newly constructed transatlantic Telegraph Cable?

Can you uncover the truth behind the sea of lies and expose the dark secrets of the community without becoming a target yourself?


  • Lead intriguing conversations
  • Use the dialogue-mechanic to collect information, find out who is hiding something from you and convince the villagers to help you out.
  • Level up your skills
  • Decide wich skills to level up and use them wisely in classic TTRPG / pen’n’paper skillchecks.
  • Find hidden clues
  • Use the detective-mechanic to find clues and evidence.
  • Move around in the shadows unnoticed
  • Sneak past enemies and guards to stay unnoticed.
  • Make difficult decisions
  • Your decisions have an impact on the course of the story, the world and the townspeople. Will you find the right words?
  • Craft items to boost your skills
  • With the things you find in the world you can craft items that will allow you to succeed in difficult skillchecks.
  • Decide how you want to solve the tasks at hand
  • With charisma, diplomacy, brute force, the art of stealth or strategic escape?
  • The mission is clear: Solve this case!

What happened so far ...

Valentin Schmidt, a young civil servant from Bavaria, has just solved a tricky murder case in Wolpertshofen. As a token of gratitude, Mr. Haller, the chief inspector, sends him on vacation to the North Sea coast. What was supposed to be a relaxing trip quickly turns into a dramatic investigation to prove his innocence and apprehend the real murderer.

It is the year 1870, and the first operational transatlantic telegraph cable has just been put into service. It brings hope for a communication-rich and peaceful era between the United States and Germany. However, there are still some skeptics who voice their concerns. Additionally, the Franco-Prussian War is in full swing, causing unrest among the population, as they fear being conscripted.

One morning, Bente Hansen’s disfigured body is discovered at the radio station. Valentin becomes the focus of the investigation and urgently needs to prove his innocence and unmask the true killer. Soon, Valentin realizes that every faction in the idyllic town harbors its own dark secrets, and mysterious events at sea are on the rise. Who or what is responsible for Bente Hansen’s fate?

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