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Inspector Schmidt - A Bavarian Tale

Right before your eyes, the picturesque, pastoral village of Wolpertshofen turns into a world full of dark secrets, inexplicable events, social tensions and a hostile hush of a village that seems to hate nothing more than a stranger poking around in other peoples’ business. Can you find out who supports you and who is trying to set you on the wrong track without risking your own life?

As a bavarian sociologist that works for the local city administration, I never felt more represented in a videogame. Now I can play as a bavarian proto-sociologist that works for the government and drinks a lot of beer on the job! Also they want me to solve a murder or something.
Steam review
This isn't a AAA Game with a crazy big budget and hundreds of developer, but you can feel the love and passion that went into this Game, and Iam actually really enjoying it so far ! The mix between funny & more serious moments is very well made aswell, and I don't know if it is just me, but Wolpertshofen is really beautiful. Overall it is a 8/10 with a Schwammerl on top.
☽ | Mikaela | ☾
Steam review
At first thought, a nice funny bavarian game, a one of a kind. On second thought, it is more brutal in it's storyline than I imagined. That's not bad though, it gives you a real good detective feeling, with the brutality of life. (and in the meantime, you can get an achievement by drinking 7 beers in a row). I enjoyed playing the game, doing side quests and living the Bavarian village life.
Steam review


  • Lead intriguing conversations
  • Use the dialogue-mechanic to collect information, find out who is hiding something from you and convince the villagers to help you out.
  • Level up your skills
  • Decide wich skills to level up and use them wisely in classic TTRPG / pen’n’paper skillchecks.
  • Find hidden clues
  • Use the detective-mechanic to find clues and evidence.
  • Move around in the shadows unnoticed
  • Sneak past enemies and guards to stay unnoticed. Or knock them out from behind.
  • Defend yourself
  • If your sneak-mission has failed, you can use the fight-mechanic as a last resort and defend yourself with an old fashioned fist fight.
  • Make difficult decisions
  • Your decisions have an impact on the course of the story, the world and the villagers. Will you find the right words?
  • Craft items to boost your skills
  • With the things you find in the world you can craft items that will allow you to succeed in difficult skillchecks.
  • Decide how you want to solve the tasks at hand
  • With charisma, diplomacy, brute force, the art of stealth or strategic escape?
  • The mission is clear: Solve this case!

What happened so far ...

Valentin Schmidt, a young surveyor, is tasked with completing a few reports and collecting data such as the farmers’ current livestock numbers. He arrives in Wolpertshofen by pure chance the day after the crime and is drawn into the investigation. In the process, he gets deeper and deeper into the entanglements of the village community, which make it almost impossible to investigate. What he discovers, however, no one in the village wants to see dragged into the light of day – a circumstance that will be Valentin’s undoing if he is not careful …

In this dialog-based RPG, our players solve the mystery surrounding the Upper Bavarian village of Wolpertshofen with a great deal of intuition in dialogs, clever combination of information, but also by taking firm action. Between the brutal reality of the living conditions of Bavarian peasants in the 19th century and the suspense of a dark criminal case, the task is to track down the culprit – or are there several?

The year is 1866 in Upper Bavaria. The German fratricidal war between Austria and Prussia is over and everyday life has returned to Bavaria … if it weren’t for these young hotheads around the village teacher Loibl with his crazy ideas about the workers’ movement and democracy, which he brought with him from his studies in Munich. Even the tranquil village of Wolpertshofen is no stranger to this nationwide conflict.

But then one morning Lenz Glas lies dead in a puddle, apparently beaten to death after a heated pub fight. At first, the murder seems to be politically motivated – or is there something else behind it?

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