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Inspector Schmidt – The Ebbing

Valentin Schmidt simply wants to go on vacation to the North Sea, but then Bente Hansen mysteriously dies, and Valentin becomes the center of the investigation. To prove his innocence, he must interview residents, gather information, discover clues, and connect evidence. The boundaries between tall tales, superstition, the supernatural, and tangible conflicts become increasingly blurred as they track down the killers.

Inspector Schmidt – A Bavarian Tale

Right before your eyes, the picturesque, pastoral village turns into a world full of dark secrets, inexplicable events, social tensions and a hostile hush of a village that seems to hate nothing more than a stranger poking around in other peoples’ business. Can you find out who supports you and who is trying to set you on the wrong track without risking your own life?

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Hi, we are Active Fungus, a Munich-based game development studio that was founded in 2020. Under the leadership of Jakob Braun, the founder and managing director, the company consists of a dedicated team of currently 14 permanent employees, various freelancers and 10 interns. As a remote company, we value flexible working conditions that enable us to integrate talented professionals regardless of their location.


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