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Press Kit Inspector Schmidt - The Ebbing

Fact Sheet

Active Fungus Studios GmbH, München

Release Date:
Demo available on Steam

Full Release: app. 2025


Languages: DE/EN

Website | Steam Page


Within a few hours, the coastal town of Havstedt goes from being a vacation spot to a battle for innocence. Who is the murderer, where are the mysterious lights on the sea coming from, what is causing the strange signals coming over the newly built transatlantic telegraph cable?

Can you find out the truth behind the sea of lies and uncover the dark secrets of the community without becoming a target yourself?


  • Conduct exciting dialogues
    Use the dialogue mechanics to gather information, find out who is hiding something and convince your opponent to help you.
  • Develop your character
    Decide which skills you want to level up and use them in classic TTRPG / Pen’n’Paper skill checks.
  • Find hidden clues
    Use the detective mechanic to search for clues and find hidden hints and clues.
  • Stay undetected
    Sneak past enemies and guards.
  • Make difficult decisions
    Your decisions have an impact on the further course of the story, the game world and the inhabitants of Havstedt, even if not every consequence is immediately visible.
  • Craft items to improve your skills
    Explore the world and collect items. You can use them to craft items that allow you to complete even difficult skill checks.
  • Decide for yourself how you want to solve the tasks
    Through charisma, diplomacy, stealth, muscle power or strategic escape?
  • But the mission is clear: solve the case!


Game pictures

About Active Fungus

Active Fungus is a Munich-based indie game developer and develops computer games as an experience that both entertains and allows our players to immerse themselves deeply in the respective topic and encourages them to think. Through computer games, we enable players to adopt a different perspective and encourage them to experience and understand conflicts and problems from different angles.

Do you have questions, requests or ideas for your reporting? Our PR contact Jakob Braun is there for you and will be happy to put you in touch with the right people from our team for your topic. If you report on us, we would be delighted to receive a link or a digital specimen copy.


Jakob Braun


Jakob Braun
Programming, Gamedesign, Creative Lead

Lars Brockob
Quest Design, Story Writing, Characterart

Marvin Seymour
Sound Design, Animation

Emil Richters
Programming, User Interface / User Experience

Tristan Blaukat
Tech-Art, Localisation

Dominik Teichert
Character Animation

Max Güttler
2D Art

Hanna Metelmann
2D Art

Ludwig Drexler

Sebastian Theuerkorn
Tool Programming

Rainer Wordel

Christoph Floßmann

Ingrid Amler
User Interface / User Experience

Yasmin Ottenheimer
Tech-Art, 3D

Christian Kuchta


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