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Active Fungus Studios GmbH, Munich

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Languages: DE/EN

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“Inspector Schmidt – A Bavarian Tale” is a playable Bavarian detective story. In this third-person RPG, you explore rural Bavaria in 1866. As surveyor Valentin Schmidt, you travel to the tranquil village of Wolpertshofen when a sudden death throws the entire village into turmoil.   

The picturesque village idyll is transformed before your eyes into a world of dark secrets, inexplicable events, social tensions and the iron silence of a village community that few things disturb as much as a newcomer poking his nose into other people’s business. Can you find out who is helping you and who is putting obstacles in your way without putting your own life in danger? 


  • Lead intriguing conversations: Use the dialogue-mechanic to collect information, find out who is hiding something from you and convince the villagers to help you out.
  • Level up your skills: Decide wich skills to level up and use them wisely in classic TTRPG / pen’n’paper skillchecks.
  • Find hidden clues: Use the detective-mechanic to find clues and evidence.
  • Move around in the shadows unnoticed: Sneak past enemies and guards to stay unnoticed. Or knock them out from behind.
  • Defend yourself: If your sneak-mission has failed, you can use the fight-mechanic as a last resort and defend yourself with an old fashioned fist fight.
  • Make difficult decisions: Your decisions have an impact on the course of the story, the world and the villagers. Will you find the right words?
  • Craft items to boost your skills: With the things you find in the world you can craft items that will allow you to succeed in difficult skillchecks.
  • Decide how you want to solve the tasks at hand: With charisma, diplomacy, brute force, the art of stealth or strategic escape?The mission is clear: Solve this case!

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About Active Fungus

Active Fungus is an indie game developer based in Munich, Germany. We develop computer games as an experience that entertains as well as immerses our players in the topic at hand and stimulates them to think. Through computer games we encourage players to experience and understand conflicts and issues from different angles.

Do you have questions, requests or ideas for your reporting? Our PR contact Jakob Braun is there for you and will be happy to put you in touch with the right people from our team for your topic. If you report on us, we would be happy to receive a link or a digital copy.


Jakob Braun


Jakob Braun
Programming, Gamedesign, Creative Lead

Lars Brockob
Quest Design, Story Writing, Characterart

Marvin Seymour
Sound Design, Animation

Emil Richters
Programming, UI Design

Franziska Klos
Story Writing

Julia Bencker
Story Writing

Urs Braun
Environment Design

Moe Mortensen
Environment Design

Tristan Blaukat

Dominik Teichert
Character Animation

Jonas Langlinderer
Character Animation

Lukas Wossagk
2D Art

Benjamin Rosenschon
2D Art

Daisy Swart
2D Art

Ludwig Drexler

Maximilian Greifenhagen

Sebastian Theuerkorn
Tool Programming

Rainer Wordel

Christoph Floßmann

Ingrid Amler
User Interface

Jacub Luczak
User Interface, Localisation

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